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Previous | Next :: Reed Timmer Meteorologist and Extreme Storm Chaser with The Dominator : Kansas | August 28, 2011, 7:44 pm

Reed Timmer Meteorologist and Extreme Storm Chaser with The Dominator : Kansas
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I had a couple of requests to make Reed and the Dominator clearer......... yesterdays Jezblog picture was too obscure for some :-)) So here is Reed Timmer the nations most admired and most crazed Storm Chaser......... this was also used in todays Sunday Times Magazine Article Days of Thunder......... you can check Reed out on his facebook page or at Tornado Videos or wait for the relevant episode of Storm Chasers on Discovery Channel to know what he got up to in Hurricane Irene..........


PS........... Here is a slither of Christina Lamb's excellent article in the Sunday Times Magazine article..... Days of Thunder

"Every so often our convoy comes to a halt and Timmer jumps out and excitedly scans the clouds. Timmer started storm chasing when he was 18. “I’ve loved extreme weather since I was five,” he explains. “Whenever there was thunder and lightning I’d freak out and go into my mum’s room. That fear turned into curiosity. While other kids were watching sport I’d watch the Weather Channel.”

He watched it so much that his parents had to buy a separate television. “When I was 13 there was a huge storm and I stole the family video camera, got pelted by hail and destroyed it. But I loved the sensation.”

Timmer credits weather for helping him become more popular in high school. “I was the classic geek — oversize glasses, small for my age, top of the class in science and practised oboe every day,” he says.

But the teasing stopped when he began to deliver daily forecasts on the local schools’ TV network.

There was never any doubt that he would study meteorology. At 18 he went to the University of Oklahoma, in Norman, which boasts America’s most severe weather, and where he still lives.

It's a great read about Reed and his Storm chasing crew........ and our time hanging out with them ......... and also about the just awesome, devestating power of storms ........... [Check out the whole thing :-))](Sunday Times Magazine article..... Days of Thunder )

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