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Previous | Next :: Jesus of Birmingham : St. Chads Cathedral : UK | September 14, 2012, 11:58 pm

Jesus of Birmingham : St. Chads Cathedral : UK
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I was on a little pilgrimage to my former self yesterday...... or at least on a trip to some of the places I had been to as a kid. I was in Birmingham my home town. I was working but I had a little bit of time in the center of town to hang, had a coffee with a friend in the art world, then I was passing the Catholic Cathedral St Chads. I had been in there a few times in the past..... as somthing to do with the Scouts I think. I went in to have a look round. It is as you would expect an interesting slightly forboding kind of dark building. The one man who had been praying had left while I was there. The place was empty and I was interested in the figure of Christ on the cross against the amazing ceiling as you see..... so I went out to the car picked up a camera with a longer lens and came back in. I made a few frames of the picture you see above then a man came hurrying in ...... to throw me out of the Cathedral ........ I had comitted the crime of photography he had seen me on CCTV ....... There was no room at the inn for anyone with a camera.


PS......... Here is a track Harv recomended to me in the past........... the name of the band....... The Naked and Famous ....... kinda seems right for today :-)))))

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