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Previous | Next :: Happy passenger on the 2 line, NYC | November 26, 2005, 9:26 am

Happy passenger on the 2 line, NYC
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This guy really looks to be having a fun ride, his face conveys a fantastic moment of joy. I love his face especially in contrast to the others round him. He seems full of life, color and tone all the other passengers seem monochromatic, drained and lifeless. This composition really works for me too. His face is over the centre of the vanishing point for all the converging diagonal lines of the carriage (especially obvious on the roof and the hand rails). His face is therefore absolutely at the centre of the image. All the compositional elements lead to his laughing face which is nicely framed by his own arms. Its simple but works well. If I do say so myself, a great mix of the right moment and good composition.

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