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Previous | Next :: A serious cake shot - Marietta GA | March 10, 2006, 9:06 am

A serious cake shot - Marietta GA
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I have a feeling Im not gonna be allowed to bring my camera if I am ever invited to come out for dinner with these guys again. This is a serious cake shot. Longhorn Steak House, Marrietta GA.

This shot is certainly featuring the good ol' brown theme. The cake, the restaurant the table, the panelling the sweater, the lighting, its all got a collective not very attractive brown thing going on......and yet....... I love the uniformity of action at the serious cake stuffing peak moment as both are captured at the precise simultaneous moment. I love the little girl's glance to her mum. Of course the act of scoffing cake right at the vital moment has........... yeah lets face it........ a kind of gross quality that is doubled up in this image..... but...... I still kinda love it.

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